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More from Mac in Wyoming

hello again from Wyoming.. The larger wind generator at 45 mph + winds is doing a whooping 150 to 200 amps.  24 volts battery bank. Maybe would do more, but tail cuts out of wind after 45 or 50 mph winds.  … Continue reading

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Offset angle of the furling tail

I got asked a question that a lot of people ask me, so I thought it worth answering here. “Hi Hugh my name is Bill looking through your book A Wind Turbine Recipe Book I am a little confused with … Continue reading

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nice exploded diagram of 1200 Recipe turbine

Here is an illustration that will be used in the new edition of the French version of my Recipe Book.  It’s the smallest Recipe machine (popular in France) which is only 1.2metres in diameter.  This amazing explosion was created by … Continue reading

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video of my presentation at EWB in Glasgow

Thanks to Jon Leary for this long video of my rambling presentation to a group of Engineers Without Borders students at a conference hosted by Strathclyde University on 1st March this year.

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Proven reborn “Unfortunately it seems likely that Proven’s new owners will not be obliged to honour its guarantees”

source Receivers KPMG  said it had now sold the business and its assets to Kingspan Renewables. The receivers said the successful sale not only safeguarded the jobs of 20 Proven Energy staff but provided an opportunity for continued manufacturing at … Continue reading

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Mozambique video

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new updates for Recipe book

Here are some of the new diagrams. see more here

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The Italian job

Yikes these guys are going to win the prize for style! Mact Engineering61122 Villa Fastiggi Pesaro ITALY

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Warning…These magnets are Extremely Dangerous….

Harold Graley sent me this: Warning…These magnets are Extremely Dangerous…. I was prying two Magnets apart when all of a suddon, the two magnets slammed together pinching my index finger between them… There was no one around to help me, … Continue reading

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One way to erect a wind turbine

Don’t try this at home, folks! Ian Woofenden and Kelly Keilwitz assembling an ARE 442 turbine on a 120 foot free standing monopole tower. Some people have all the fun.

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