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Powerspout hydro turbines

Here is a video of the Powerspout hydro turbine from New Zealand.  I have long been a fan of the Ecoinnovation hydro turbines, and we have a couple here on Scoraig but there isn’t really a reliable enough flow for … Continue reading

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Nice photos from SolarMad in Madagascar

Here are some photos from Madagascar.  The installations are by Solarmad, built to my plans.  Looks as if they have gone beyond those plans in places! See the full gallery on Facebook.

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Blade contruction guide

I cam across this rather nice guide to fibreglass blade production that was produced by Andrew Corbyn & Matthew Little, of Engineers Without Borders and SIBAT – Philippines in 2008. It is based on using wooden blades from my older 2005 … Continue reading

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Modular build turbines immune to company collapse?

Siverford blog is always quite an interesting site for perspective on the small wind industry with an emphasis on the merits of the Gaia wind turbine (of which I have been a big fan for many years). In a recent … Continue reading

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Axial alternators with dual stators

A lot of people ask me if it’s a good idea to stack the axial flux alternator with 3 magnet disks and two stators. I have done a page comparing the costs and performance of two alternators built using my … Continue reading

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Iskra turbine on UK ebay

If you are quick then you can get an Iskra windpower system for £7,500.  Iskra is the old name for Evance and the machine is similar to the Evance R9000 But you will not get Feed in Tariffs, and you … Continue reading

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UK certification scheme list gets shorter

The list of small wind tubines that hold the coveted MCS certification is growing shorter as time goes by.  In order the qualify for the lucrative Feed in Tariffs, you need to own a turbine on this list.  Recently the … Continue reading

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Dyocore in San Diego

By claiming for a 1.6 kW wind turbine on your roof, you could get it paid for by California State subsidies.  This one can produce that much (in the sales pitch) although it’s only the size of a 200 watt … Continue reading

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Interesting German site for building turbines

Markus in Switzerland told me about this interesting site.  Parts of it are in German (which I never learned to read, but can using Google translate). Daniel has made an interesting spreadsheet for designing axial alternators.  You can download … Continue reading

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Calculating the energy production of a wind turbine

The bottom line with a wind turbine is how much energy it produces.  Do not confuse this with the maximum power output!  Rated power output is only achieved at rated windspeed, which will only occur from time to time.  The … Continue reading

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