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Charge controllers – a brief introduction

Why do we need charge controllers? To prevent batteries from being damaged by charging too hard.  As you charge a battery, its voltage rises, which is all good up to a point.  However if the voltage gets too high the … Continue reading

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Alex Burgos’ overvoltage clipper

Alex sent me an email: I hope you are well I am writing to show my CLIPPER I tried it with my 12 volt turbine I have the Tristar ts-60 dc and ac Clipper The CLIPPER use it to control … Continue reading

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My electricity supply here

I don’t write enough about what goes on here at home on Scoraig so here is a run down on where my electricity comes from. I have two windmills and a collection of solar PV panels.  800 Ah Rolls 4000-series … Continue reading

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Battery storage on the grid

My friend Ian Woofenden has this to say about using batteries on the grid: Tesla Battery Perspective There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the Tesla battery. My attitude and ideas toward it are tempered by 30+ years of … Continue reading

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Wiring loss in 3 phase wind systems

Here is a piece I did about AC and DC in 1999.  It explains why DC wiring is slightly more efficient than 3-phase AC wiring where the AC is feeding a rectifier (rather than grid AC which is at  higher … Continue reading

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Missouri Wind and Solar video

I mostly like everything that people do with small wind turbines, especially hands-on and do-it-yourself, so I got excited to discover Missouri Wind and Solar, and I watched this video that I found on the home page with interest. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Some video of my presentation

Here is footage from the presentation I made for the Windempowerment Conference in Athens last month. Actually this is a backup that was not used at the conference as I was able to make the same presentation live (and said … Continue reading

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More good articles on Paul Gipe’s web site is Paul Gipe’s site and see more links below. Paul Gipe has published more good stuff on his web site recently about the ‘stuff that doesn’t work’ in the small wind industry today.  It’s a breath of fresh air … Continue reading

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Radio masts

Assessing a site for a wind turbine is easier these days with good, cheap, loggers available.  But the anemometer needs to be at a suitable height above buildings, trees etc, and not just mounted on a rooftop. Here are three … Continue reading

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Free Document downloads from Kragten Design

Adriann Kragten has made available a number of his reports on small wind turbines for free download Here at Adriaan writes very thorough reports with plenty of equations and clear drawings.  The reports cover both, electricity producing wind generators … Continue reading

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