Courses around the world

A number of organisations are running courses based on my designs.  Most of them will organise a course for you on request.  Below are some details and links to upcoming events:

Organisation Location details date cost Cobstädt, Germany Sign up via Email: [email protected] 6-9th August 2020 270€
Tripalium France beaucoup ici

Du lundi au vendredi

 350€ -700€
500rpm Buenos AiresArgentina facebook regular events  $1100 

Argentina dollars

V3 Power Machynlleth Wales UK

details here

and here

24-25th October 2020

WindAid  Peru next volunteer program  Volunteer programs, all four weeks long US$ 2850
EirbyteIf you would like to host a workshop

contact them here

Ballinamore Co Leitrim




Nea Guinea Nea Makri, Greece info here    

8 Responses to Courses around the world

  1. Arthur Sheridan says:

    Are you running any windturbine courses this year? Would love to see scoraig. Kind Regards. Arthur Sheridan.

  2. Allan Bolton says:

    Hi Hugh,
    I would like to attend a wind turbine construction course between now and late January.
    Do you have any dates?
    Also I would like to buy your book.

  3. Robin says:

    Hi Hugh, just wondering when the next workshop in Scoraig will be after April. Are you likely to do another this year? Thanks.

    • hugh says:


      Just now I do not have plans to hold another one this year, no.
      If you are interested I can keep your name on a list to be informed of future workshops.


  4. Karl Baumgartner says:

    Hi Hugh,

    I am running a wind turbine workshop from the 12 to 17th of May 2015 in Poland. Paddy Atkinson from Findhorn is running the course. Can I put the workshop details on your website? And if yes how do I do this?

  5. Ionuţ says:

    Dear Hugh,

    My name is Ionuţ and currently I am working for a company based in Edinburgh that mainly installs and fixes wind turbines.

    The reason I am contacting you is to ask about the training you run for wind turbine home build.
    I am volunteering for an association called ProVita -ONG/charity (not for profit) that is based in Romania, near Valenii De Munte place called Valea Screzii. The place is runned by a Romanian Priest called Parintele (father) Tanase and other volunteers. The place hosts a number of single mother’s with children and children of all ages.

    There also a number teenager’s and a few smart kids around them. I have volunteered for few day this January and planing to go back in the summer after scool finishes for 5week’s if my boss will approves.

    Can you send me more information on the fees, other costs, your availability, tools and miscellaneous and if you are willing to run a course in this part of the world.

    I look foreword for your email.

    Kindest Regards,

    • admin says:

      hi Ionut,

      Unfortunately I have stopped traveling around teaching courses for both personal and environmental reasons so I cannot help you but if you look a the list and contact some of the above you will find people who may be happy to come and teach.

      I do recommend you take care to make sure that you understand the constraints of small wind technology. You will need a good site with plenty of wind and you need to understand that there are other much easier ways to produce power, but this is an interesting challenge that may engage your kids and help them unfold their full potential. Sorry if you already know that small wind turbines need wind, and that they do often seem to be problematic, but a lot of folk assume this is not so.

      all the best and have fun

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