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When do you consider your battery to be flat?

I got 42 answers to my (rather cryptic) question: 10/20/40 volts 7 (16%) 11/22/44 volts 4 (9%) 11.5/23/46 volts 10 (23%) 11.75/23.5/47 volts 12 (28%) If it drops below nominal voltage I freak out 9 (21%) Battery makers tend to … Continue reading

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Vacancy for a teacher at Soraig’s (wind powered) school

Highland council are advertising for a new head teacher for our school.

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Low cost pipe couplers for hydro

Paul Camilli is an expert at using what he has got (it’s called ‘crofting’ in the west highlands) and he has got a lot of old fishfarm pipe and a rather nice little stream for hydro power. Here he is … Continue reading

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Workshop in Chemille by Etienne Mousseau

Apprendre à fabriquer une éolienneDu Lundi 22 au samedi 27 février 2010chez Damien Cailleau et Sébastien Marti, maraîchers bio « les Petites Noues »Sur la commune de Chemillé (49)[email protected]

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images from France

OPERATION BURLESQUEA La conquête de nouvelles formes d’activismeNe tombez pas dans le trou ! “Entre la parole et les actes, il y a un trouPlus de vingt ans après la lutte victorieuse contre la centrale nucléaire de Plogoff.Pourquoi aucune dynamique … Continue reading

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The Scottish Government consultation on ‘Permitted Development’ status for small wind turbines

The Scottish Government have published a consultation document Permitted development rights are extended to certain types of development through the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Order 1992 (GPDO). They will now be examining the option for new … Continue reading

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magnet4energy are selling my free plans

Here is another scam. Magnet4energy are selling plans for ‘free energy’. What you get is an 80 page pdf document. More than half of this consists of my own description of how to build and alternator. You can also download … Continue reading

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Birth of the British Small Wind Association

Stephen Tasker of Hymoto has outdone himself as the ‘loose canon’ of the UK small wind industry by setting up a new Association in competition with BWEA. “For the record I have repeatedly tried to work with the British Wind … Continue reading

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Microgeneration scheme (MCS) approved turbines list

There is now a list of wind turbines that are currently approved for the microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) here. These are only ‘transitional’ approvals though. They are the lucky ones that are eligible for Grants and Feed in Tariffs. Most … Continue reading

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Email chat about batteries and how to store wind energy

answering another email today… Hi Ruth, I have just come across your website (whilst looking for a feeder for bees, of all things!) and have not yet had time to check out all the links, so I apologise if my … Continue reading

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