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Jon Leary’s performance study of Scoraig wind turbines published

The long awaited final version of Jon’s study based on data he collected here in 2012-2014 has finally been published and is free to read or download here courtesy of Wind Engineering. An important conclusion is the the table in … Continue reading

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Scoraig wind turbines performance measurement summary

Between 2012 and 2014 Jon Sumanik-Leary and I did some performance measurements on wind turbines here at Scoraig, using Logic Energy mobile logging systems.  Jon has finally completed the processing of the results and sent me some exciting curves. There is a … Continue reading

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2.4m machine on test in Greece

Kostas sent me a power curve and a video of a 2.4m machine constructed from my 2005 publication “How to Build a Wind turbine”from the NTUA test site in Rafina . It’s similar to the same size model in my Recipe … Continue reading

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Live data from a powerspout turbine in Abergavenny, United Kingdom

Here is a site where you can see a grid connected powerspout in operation exporting electricity.  Unlike solar PV systems, this renewable source keeps going night and day.  Although it only generates 600-700 watts or so, it keeps up well … Continue reading

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Performance data for two Recipe turbines

New performance data is available from field tests in Holland showing the 1.8 metre diameter turbine producing close to the predicted energy at a 4.8 m/s average windspeed. This turbine is grid-tied using a Mastervolt inverter protected by LDR circuits.   … Continue reading

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Windtracker test update

An update 2 years on for my post on the Windtracker by Logic energy. I put one of these windtrackers on a windmill tower (the Kestrel tower actually which is the right hand end one in the above photo) … Continue reading

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Power curve data for 3 metre recipe turbine on Scoraig

I have been using a Mobile Logger from Logic Energy to collect data on a 3 metre diameter turbine close to my house.  The turbine is built to the Recipe Book.  In the gallery you can see the site and … Continue reading

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Wind tunnel test compared with theory in Portugal

João P. Monteiro has done some interesting studies of the performance of a 1200 diameter Recipe blade set in a wind tunnel and compared the results with theoretical predictions of a couple of simulation progams.  The results are close.  It’s … Continue reading

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PhD_Seminar_2013_FullPaper_Sumanik-Leary FINAL Above is a link to a paper by Jon Sumanik-Leary in which he uses a study of a Scoraig power system (with 3 metre diameter recipe turbine) to compare with a Bergey wind turbine.  Annual energy production is … Continue reading

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Test report for Recipe 3.6 metre turbine

Rapport SEPEN 32.6 – Eolienne autoconstruite Piggot – 1.7 kW – Reseau Above is a link to the full test report in French of a Recipe style 3.6 metre diameter grid connected wind turbine, built by Tripalium. I can understand … Continue reading

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