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Vertical axis in decline

The MCS approved list of small wind turbines includes 31 models, but none of them are vertical axis any more. Quiet Revolution QR5, the darling of the architects, is no longer listed there.  Instead the company have quietly shifted to … Continue reading

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Wind turbine kits in Ireland

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Wind tunnel test compared with theory in Portugal

João P. Monteiro has done some interesting studies of the performance of a 1200 diameter Recipe blade set in a wind tunnel and compared the results with theoretical predictions of a couple of simulation progams.  The results are close.  It’s … Continue reading

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Rural Electrification Research Group Survey Results

See this page for details of the results so far from this survey.  Why not join in and contribute to the survey? Here are a couple of the many charts on the results page: See all the results here  

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PhD_Seminar_2013_FullPaper_Sumanik-Leary FINAL Above is a link to a paper by Jon Sumanik-Leary in which he uses a study of a Scoraig power system (with 3 metre diameter recipe turbine) to compare with a Bergey wind turbine.  Annual energy production is … Continue reading

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Test report for Recipe 3.6 metre turbine

Rapport SEPEN 32.6 – Eolienne autoconstruite Piggot – 1.7 kW – Reseau Above is a link to the full test report in French of a Recipe style 3.6 metre diameter grid connected wind turbine, built by Tripalium. I can understand … Continue reading

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Logic Energy Loggers available cheap

I have been using a logic energy mobile logger for monitoring Scoraig wind turbines.  We have produced some good power curve data for the homebrew machines on Scoraig and it’s also great for live monitoring of installations during the teething … Continue reading

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