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One way to limit the current

Good night Hugh, I write from Spain in particular from Albacete Villarrobledo a small village, where a friend and I started three years ago more or less the construction of wind turbine with your purchase from ti.Desde manual then several … Continue reading

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Damaged 2.4 metre machine on Scoraig

Here are some photos of a machine we took down today after some strong winds.  It actually lost a blade, which is rather serious damage.  The plywood has deteriorated a bit.  This machine was built in 2006.  It’s a 24 … Continue reading

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Bicycle wheel alternator video

A bicycle wheel is fastened to a vertical wood post. Neodymium magnets are bolted to the rim of the wheel. Tape is placed between the spokes to create the “windmill vanes”. As the magnets pass a coil of copper wire, … Continue reading

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Dakar meeting on locally built small wind turbines for rural electrification

This conference took place on 7-11th February, in Dakar Polytechnic. Partners (see web links at end of this post) CIFRES, research center attached to the Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar Tripalium, French small wind homebuilder’s association blueEnergy, NGO based in Nicaragua … Continue reading

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French TV interview

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