How to buy a PowerSpout water turbine

On a suitable site you can generate most or all of your power (on grid or with battery storage) from a hydro turbine.  Often Solar PV can be used to provide the rest.  If you are interested in whether a PowerSpout can work for you then these are the steps.

  1. Measure the head (vertical drop) and flow (volume per second) of your stream/site.
  2. Get in touch with me to chat about this information or use the online calculator tool to see what the possibilities are.  The calculator has a “save and share” button that allows you to send me the results (choosing Scoraig Wind Electric from the drop down menu) so we can see if the site is viable and discuss your options.
  3. Check out the prices at the PowerSpout shop.  Here you can find all the turbines and extras and build a shopping cart with pricing in any currency you want.  Read these pages.  They tell you what is included.  There are drop-down menus of options.  You may wish to include freight insurance.  For grid connection you will need an EMC filter.
    (Genuine trade enquiries qualify for a discount on these prices.  If you wish to become a dealer then you must sell a few as a trade seller like this first.)
  4. Contact me with your order.  (If you try to check out your trolley at the shop site then you will probably be referred to me anyway.)  I will need to know the head, flow and operating voltage before we can proceed.  The turbine will be custom built to fit your site.  This is not a wind turbine or solar panel that you buy as a standard product.  So we need to get accurate data for your site requirements.  I can help you to choose a suitable MPPT controller for battery charging or a GT inverter for grid connection.
  5. I will arrange delivery to any country in the world in a matter of a few days directly to you from New Zealand.  I can invoice you in US$ or GB pounds or Euro€, and you pay by bank transfer or using transferwise.  On arrival you will need to pay the local taxes (VAT), duties etc and a handling fee to DHL (UK excepted).
  6. I am very available for tech support free of charge, both before and after the sale.  That’s what I do. If you don’t have a suitable site for a hydro I will be very quick to let you know that.  I just want to help.