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28-pole PM-generator design by Kragten (plus added rectifier papers)

Adriaan Kragten writes: Report KD 730 can be copied for free from my website: at the menu KD reports. The title of this report is: “Ideas about a 28-pole, 3-phase permanent magnet generator using the housing and winding of … Continue reading

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Details of Ivan’s paint job

Several people have admired the finish on the turbine in my recent post about Ivan Juretic’s turbine, so I asked for details.  Here is what he told me: Hi Hugh! The blades and wooden parts of the tail are painted … Continue reading

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Mountain top turbine still going strong

In 2108 I reported a turbine build in Croatia by Ivan.  It’s based on my ideas but Ivan added some engineering refinements.  He just wrote to report that it is still going strong without problems. That turbine works perfectly, for … Continue reading

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Comparing plastic turbine runners with cast metal ones

I had a message today from a customer who has 3 turbines from 3 manufacturers.  After a few years running he has this observation to make: I have been very pleased with the PS and its nylon spoons which, even … Continue reading

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