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My first ferrite magnet project

Back in the 1980s I had spent ten years building wind turbines that were based on dynamos (USA=’generators’) out of military jeeps.  They were cheap and well made, but they had serious drawbacks.  The magnetism required to make them work … Continue reading

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Following the conference in Dakar in February, an association called WindEmpowerment has been set up. Mission WindEmpowerment supports the development of locally built wind turbines for sustainable rural electrification. This is achieved by strengthening the capacity of its members through: … Continue reading

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“Yet another axial” down under

Another ferrite magnet alternator project.  This one is on the Backshed discussion board hosted by Glenn ‘Gizmo’. The stator is supported at the centre, which is a bit more compact but the supporting bolts between magnet rotors restrict the overall … Continue reading

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4200 alternator options

I haven’t built a lot of turbines 4200 mm diameter (14 footers for the North American market). I use 16 magnets the same as the 3600 (12 foot) turbines but put them on a larger disk (450 mm/18 inches) compared … Continue reading

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Frans Beudt’s control systems

Frans Beudt  lives in the northwest Netherlands.  Average wind 5,5 m/sec Youtube channel here “Testing the windmill at 5 Bft .  Results till now OK ,   Rpm stays around 300 , Amps 20 ,Volt 30 .  Electronic system doing good … Continue reading

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V3 now sell complete wind turbine kits!

These bespoke kits comprise of a set of three hand-carved blades, a complete alternator, mounting and an electrical system. We have been building these turbines for over 5 years and as a result you can expect the highest degree of … Continue reading

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