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More Photos of DIY turbine installations working well

Some recent installations that I have helped with remotely.  The owners of these turbines were kind enough to share these glimpses of the installation process, and of course they went ahead and tidied them up afterwards, but I rarely get … Continue reading

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PowerSpout price increase

PowerSpout plan to increase prices of their hydro turbines and associated gear by approximately 15% on 1st April. This will be the first rise in several years. At present exchange rates, a turbine costs approximately £1190 with an additional £150 … Continue reading

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Bill’s perspective on domestic grid-connected hydro payback

Being off the grid I don’t need to worry so much about “payback” since I do not pay for mains electricity in the first place and the payback to me is immensely more than cutting my running costs. But I … Continue reading

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What’s a kiloWatt and a kiloWatt-hour?

I see a lot of people talk about energy and power using terms like “kW per day”.  Let’s be clear with our language.  kW is a measure of power. Power is actually the rate of energy use.  Energy is power … Continue reading

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We have power up!

Hi Hugh, We have power up ! Some pics from the initial switch on. (The plumbing is not ready for the immersion so air dumps in use now). The system was ‘right on the money’ as far as the calculations … Continue reading

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Great result …and pics

Hello Hugh, Now the festivities are over I want to report back on our Powerspout and Midnight Classic installation.  It’s incredible!  The generator has not been used once this winter.  We are making around 250 watts 24/7 with the small … Continue reading

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Live data from a powerspout turbine in Abergavenny, United Kingdom

Here is a site where you can see a grid connected powerspout in operation exporting electricity.  Unlike solar PV systems, this renewable source keeps going night and day.  Although it only generates 600-700 watts or so, it keeps up well … Continue reading

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“How to” get feed in tariffs with a Powerspout hydro turbine

Useful links to understanding how to claim feed-in tariffs in the UK.  These tariffs are available on or off grid, but may be phased out next year 2019. BabyHydro DIY installation guide 2016 with details of how to obtain relevant … Continue reading

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Pico hydro in Greece

Pico hydroelectric installation in a mountain farm on Mount Iti – Greece March 2013 from Kostas Latoufis Alexandros and Ioanna live for the last four years in ‘Rodokalo’, the place name of a farmland on Mount Iti situated at an … Continue reading

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Good news for small hydro turbine owners who want Feed-in-Tariffs

OFFGEM have published an open letter that clarifies the question of eligibility for Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs).  This is confirmed in the Energy Savings Trust website. This gist of it is that Hydro turbines do not need to be approved under the … Continue reading

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