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More good articles on Paul Gipe’s web site is Paul Gipe’s site and see more links below. Paul Gipe has published more good stuff on his web site recently about the ‘stuff that doesn’t work’ in the small wind industry today.  It’s a breath of fresh air … Continue reading

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Radio masts

Assessing a site for a wind turbine is easier these days with good, cheap, loggers available.  But the anemometer needs to be at a suitable height above buildings, trees etc, and not just mounted on a rooftop. Here are three … Continue reading

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nice exploded diagram of 1200 Recipe turbine

Here is an illustration that will be used in the new edition of the French version of my Recipe Book.  It’s the smallest Recipe machine (popular in France) which is only 1.2metres in diameter.  This amazing explosion was created by … Continue reading

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wind turbine service in France

4.2 metre, 24V battery charging machine based on my Recipe book and constructed by a Tripalium workshop in France 2 years earlier. In this video Jay Hudnall of Tieole is conducting a service of the turbine with help from the … Continue reading

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6 watt turbine design from Adriaan Kragten

Kragten Design VIRYA-1.04   Diameter                                                                           D = 1.04 m Number of blades                                                             B = 3 Design tip speed ratio                                                      ld = 3.5 Mass                                                                                 including 1 m tower pipe  m = 4.85 kg Starting wind speed                                                          Vstart = 2.6 m/s Survival … Continue reading

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