New chapter 9 in Kragten’s public report KD 341

Adriaan writes:

“Dear Hugh
I have added a new chapter 9 in my public report KD 341 which may interest you. The title of this chapter 9 is: “Voltage generation in a coil”. This chapter also contains three pictures of a small 8-pole axial flux PM-generator which show how you go from the ideal coil shape to a shape which is easier to manufacture and contains more copper. KD 341 can be copied for free from my website: at the menu KD-reports.
Adriaan Kragten”

It’s comforting to see that the coil shape arrived (below) at is similar to the ones I use in the F- series alternator designs, where I pack in the maximum number of ferrite magnets into the disk. With my Recipe designs for NdFeB magnets I used larger disks relatively and therefore a different coil shape.

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