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4200 turbine design details from COMET-ME

Noam writes: “We are building new sets of the 4200 turbines. As you know we modified a bit the design of the frame, to suit our needs and expertise. Since we are making quite a few of them and we … Continue reading

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Nice power curve for 4.2 metre turbine

I just got this data from COMET-ME It shows the power output and the rpm speed of a 4200 turbine based on my recipe, except that Noam at COMET-ME uses 20 magnets instead of 16 in the alternator (photos here). … Continue reading

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Power curve measurements from Comet-me

Noam Dotan at Comet-me in Palestine (Community, Energy and Technology in the Middle East) has been sending me some interesting data from the 4.2 m diameter turbines that they  build.  The design is based on the recipe but they use … Continue reading

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CometME on WindEmpowerment facebook page

See the WindEmpowerment Facebook page for photo albums and a video from CometME about the construction of the 4200 (14 foot diameter) turbines there with 20 magnets.

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Photos from CometME in July

I thought everyone might like to see these photos of construction of the 4200 mm diameter turbine in Palestine that Noam sent me in July. Attached please find images of our new 4200 build. You may see the blade jig … Continue reading

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Airgap flux experiments at CometME

Noam Dotan has been sending me results of some interesting tests that he has done on two alternators: 4200 diameter turbine grid-tie alternator with 20 magnets 46 x 30 x 15 mm and 15 coils 260 turns of 0.9mm diameter … Continue reading

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A simple counter, based on low cost calculator

Noam Dotan has published this from CometME in Palestine: Counting the turns may be confusing especially if you need to wind some 260 turns per coil. A simple counter is based on low cost calculator where the ‘=’ key is … Continue reading

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4200 alternator options

I haven’t built a lot of turbines 4200 mm diameter (14 footers for the North American market). I use 16 magnets the same as the 3600 (12 foot) turbines but put them on a larger disk (450 mm/18 inches) compared … Continue reading

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Damage to yaw head in Palestine

This is the tower after a 3 metre diameter (ten foot) turbine jumped off in reported 120 km/h winds in Palestine recently.  The 1.5 inch inner pipe of the yaw bearing has clearly bent.  COMET-ME will be using a larger … Continue reading

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Comet ME videos from the Middle East

Tiny little video of the activity in COMET: YouTube – CometMiddleEast’s Channel also nowMSNBC nightly news video

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