Powerspout hydro turbines

Here is a video of the Powerspout hydro turbine from New Zealand.  I have long been a fan of the Ecoinnovation hydro turbines, and we have a couple here on Scoraig but there isn’t really a reliable enough flow for most people who live here on Scoraig due to the lack of catchment.

The video is a bit slick, but it does show how the turbine is put together and it summarises the options and introduces you to the web based calculator that makes site assessment easy.

The Powerspout is not MCS certified, so you would not get Feed in Tariffs in the UK with this turbine, but it is very cost-effective and can be used without all of the paperwork associated with the MCS circus.  Click on the link to download the Powerspout Price list Jan 2014. Note that these prices include shipping.

I am always happy to answer practical enquiries and am also available to install if required.

See below for a set of useful documents and manuals, full of good advice for setting up small renewable energy systems.

How to order a PowerSpout
Ecoinnovation suggest this simple process to avoid frustration or disappointment.
1. Select a dealer to work with
2. Submit complete site data to your dealer using this calculator, and sharing the results
http://www.powerspout.com/advanced-calculator/ There is a “Save and Share” function at the end to allow you to do this easily. No hydro turbine orders will be accepted until all site data is supplied.
3. Pay promptly
4. Enjoy using low impact renewable energy
5. Send us your feedback and an install picture

All dealers should all offer the same retail price for PowerSpout, although price differences may lie in other ‘system’ components.


PS Retail Price list Jan 2014

PS Technical Specifications Jan 2014

Powerspout installation manual 2 February-2014

How to set up an Powerspout PLT100C with a FM60-2 controller

How to get UK FITs for Powerspout

PS Advance Calculator-Jan 2014

PS Global Freight Jan 2014

PS How-to-order Jan 2014


About hugh

I live off-grid in NW Scotland and have spent my life playing with wind turbines. I also love small hydros. Hands on renewable energy is my thing and I like to learn and to share my experiences.
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4 Responses to Powerspout hydro turbines

  1. Eamonn hammer says:

    I’m in australia Victoria and have 2 Me powerspouts and they are awesome
    They changed my life

  2. Munyaka says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good Morning sir.
    With a height of 15m and a Discharge of 0.2 cubic meters persec.
    Kindly inform us if you are able to supply the generator/Turbine
    The amount Power Expected
    and the cost of the unit FOB Mombasa-Kenya.

  3. Roger Brown says:

    this is a great video – very educational

  4. Hi there specialist

    I am about to build my first windmill. The only thing (at this stage) that I do not understand is how the tail moves = What control when the tail goes 90 degrees to stop the windmill for going to fast? (Furling tail)
    I have bought the book Choosing Wind power by Hugh Piggott and it did clear a lot for me 🙂 Thank you Hugh

    Maybe you can answer me soon my friends,
    With warm greetings from Iceland,

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