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Komic Monastery electrification at 14,800 feet

Thanks to Vivek Mundkur for these photos from the heart of the Himalayas.

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1200mm wind turbine workshop at Eirbyte

Don’t miss the Irish pipe music and some clever construction ideas. Eirbyte is here.

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Proven Wind Turbines go bust.

Proven Energy have gone bust.  Here is a good source of information: also and,14973.0.html I was a big supporter of the Proven wind turbine in the 1990s.  It’s built like a tank in contrast to so many flimsy … Continue reading

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Price of Neodymium finally levels off

There’s an interesting article here about the situation with global supply of neodymium magnets.  Price of Neodymium (Nd) has increased roughly tenfold in two years, but shows signs of leveling in recent weeks. Thanks to Markus Hugentobler for sending me … Continue reading

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The first ever wind turbine build completely by people with a disability

I Love Windpower – Tanzania are working with Yombo secondary school for people with a disability  to build one turbine of the type ‘Piggott – 3 meter’ plus assemblies and parts, which will be used for the next ordered turbine. “It … Continue reading

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CometME on WindEmpowerment facebook page

See the WindEmpowerment Facebook page for photo albums and a video from CometME about the construction of the 4200 (14 foot diameter) turbines there with 20 magnets.

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Photos from CometME in July

I thought everyone might like to see these photos of construction of the 4200 mm diameter turbine in Palestine that Noam sent me in July. Attached please find images of our new 4200 build. You may see the blade jig … Continue reading

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More from Romania

From Dan Paraipan in Romania – see more here

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Suddeustche Zeitung

Hugh Artikel SZ1Sept11 An article in a German newspaper about Scoraig.  If anyone can read German maybe they’d tell me what it says?

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How to use a charge controller

I have been working on some pages to help people with wiring up their wind turbines to a battery with a charge controller.  These pages explain how to size the controller, choose a dump load, configure the dip switches and … Continue reading

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