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PhD_Seminar_2013_FullPaper_Sumanik-Leary FINAL Above is a link to a paper by Jon Sumanik-Leary in which he uses a study of a Scoraig power system (with 3 metre diameter recipe turbine) to compare with a Bergey wind turbine.  Annual energy production is … Continue reading

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photos of workshop course Scoraig April 2013

date: 20-27 APRIL Location: Scoraig 4 participants built a 2 metre ferrite turbine (2F) for 24-v battery charging.  Also balanced and fitted some 3 metre blades to last year’s 3 metre ferrite turbine. Photo sequence is a bit random sorry. … Continue reading

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Another video of last year’s workshop on Scoraig!

This video has just been published on Youtube.  This time it was by Kern Jamieson, the artist who did the zebra tail vane.  Thanks, Kern!

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Scoraig Wind Turbine Building Workshop April 2013

I am holding a workshop from 20th to 27th April here on Scoraig.  All welcome.  No special skills required.  Accommodation is provided. Saturday 20th is a traveling day and we will meet participants off the Westerbus that leaves Inverness at … Continue reading

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Power curve measurements on Scoraig

Together with Jon Sumanik-Leary (E-Futures PhD Student at University of Sheffield) we’ve been measuring the power/windspeed performance of some of the turbines on Scoraig.  The results aren’t always what I expect but they are interesting.  There’s an article about it … Continue reading

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Photos of the Scoraig wind turbine building workshop

Participants: 6 (Robert, Jonathan, Kostas, Benji, Yanti and Kern) Dates: 5-12 May 2012  Location: Scoraig. Project: 3 metre machine using ferrite/ceramic magnets at 24VDC Poles: 10, (3 magnet blocks 50 x 50 x 20 per pole) Coils: 12 (37 turns … Continue reading

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Power curve measurements from Comet-me

Noam Dotan at Comet-me in Palestine (Community, Energy and Technology in the Middle East) has been sending me some interesting data from the 4.2 m diameter turbines that they  build.  The design is based on the recipe but they use … Continue reading

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Servicing the 6kW Proven on Scoraig

I have just done a service on our local Proven 6kW (aka Proven 11, aka Kingspan Wind KW6) at the Council’s School here on Scoraig.  First time it has been taken down since 2006.  Installed in 2003 by Sangsters. Nothing … Continue reading

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Workshop Course on Scoraig in May

WHAT A hands-on wind turbine building workshop with Hugh Piggott.  These courses have been held since 2001, with small groups around 5-8 people building a wind turbine over a period of six days and testing it.  Activities include carving blades … Continue reading

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Step by step guide to welding a 2400 mm diameter Recipe turbine

About 6 months ago I prepared a 12 page document with some step by step drawings and  instructions for welding together the steel frame for just one of the wind turbines in my Recipe book. You can download it by … Continue reading

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