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A new alternator for my little AWP windmill

I don’t usually write much at all about the stuff I get up to, but here is a story of my smaller wind turbine having an upgrade last month when I replaced the alternator.  I was helped by my friend … Continue reading

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Scoraig 2017 wind turbine workshop photos

On this year’s course we built a 2F machine but with 16 magnets instead of the usual 12.  I have a cheap source of these smaller magnets.  The 2F is a “2 metre diameter Ferrite magnet wind turbine” which is … Continue reading

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Still time to get a place on the Scoraig Workshop 15th April

I will be holding a wind turbine building workshop here at my home on Scoraig from 15th-22nd April 2017.   Kostas Latoufis will be helping me this year.  Most of the places are taken but there is just room for one more, … Continue reading

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Fixing a 2F turbine on Scoraig

The other day I had to take this 2F windmill down because it had stopped working. Turning slowly as if on the brake.  It’s a few years old and I thought most likely the flexible wiring inside the tower had got twisted up … Continue reading

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Scoraig wind workshop 2016 photos

From 23rd-29th April 2016 i hosted a workshop here at Scoraig. Seven “students”.  Co-instructor Jonathan from Austria. Project was 2.4m diameter 24-V battery charging turbine from the Recipe Book.  See also the pdf guide to welding this machine.  Mostly it was … Continue reading

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Scoraig wind turbines performance measurement summary

Between 2012 and 2014 Jon Sumanik-Leary and I did some performance measurements on wind turbines here at Scoraig, using Logic Energy mobile logging systems.  Jon has finally completed the processing of the results and sent me some exciting curves. There is a … Continue reading

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Build your own windmill workshop course on Scoraig April 23rd 2016

I am planning to hold a course here on Scoraig in April.  We’ll build and test a wind turbine as usual.  Accommodation is provided from Saturday 23rd to Saturday 30th April 2016.  These will be the arrival and departure days.  The … Continue reading

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My electricity supply here

I don’t write enough about what goes on here at home on Scoraig so here is a run down on where my electricity comes from. I have two windmills and a collection of solar PV panels.  800 Ah Rolls 4000-series … Continue reading

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Scoraig wind turbine workshop 2015

We built a 2F machine last week here at Scoraig.  There were 6 guys in the crew plus me. Ghalib, Hugh, Brian, Svend, Brian, Laurence and Lukas. Some photos of the sunny week.   Thanks to the guys for sharing photos…. … Continue reading

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My old homepage at is back up, after falling over a couple of weeks back. Thanks to the guys at Otherpower for hosting it for me over the last ten years. Thanks also to Irishsolar (eirbyte) for hosting this site. … Continue reading

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