Nice wind turbine in Croatia

Thanks to Ivan Juretic for these lovely pictures of the wind turbine he built and installed in the mountains of Croatia.  I like the style of the tail stops. They are simple and slick.

The 24V system details:
2.4 m turbine(connected directly to the battery)
8 PV panels rated power 280 W (connected directly to the battery)
2 forklift truck batteries 12V 120 Ah (to be expanded later),
Victron inverter

2 x TS60 diversion load controllers
2 x temperatures sensors for battery
4 x 1.0 ohm 1000W resistors

AC diversion circuits (using tristar follower):
Under floor heating wires 220 V 2x 500 W
and water heater 220V 2000W 110 lit.

About hugh

I live off-grid in NW Scotland and have spent my life playing with wind turbines. I also love small hydros. Hands on renewable energy is my thing and I like to learn and to share my experiences.
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