3-phase stator wiring question answered

Jeff Croy asked me this common question by email today and he sent a nice sketch of the options so I decided to publish it here.

I am in the process of connecting and soldering the coils for the 3000 machine in a 24v “2 in hand” configuration.  In your instructions you say to connect the two strands separately around the stator to avoid parasitic currents.  My question is concerning the “star” connection point where coils #1, #2, and #3 tie together.  Should those connections be separated as well (two connections of 1, 2, 3) or tie all 6 wires together at the one point?  I’ve included a crude drawing to illustrate my point.  Please let me know which example is the correct procedure.stator connections

That’s a good question, and good sketches.  Actually it will not make much difference which you choose, but I normally do it the first way (Example A, 2 separate connections at the neutral, each with 3 wires).  It’s easier to solder just 3 wires and it does not matter which 3 you choose.




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  2. admin says:

    hi Burrell,

    You get a higher voltage by connecting coils in series. Connect all of the coils that are in one phase together in one string (eg 1,4,and 7), and the same with the others. That way you get more voltage. Just like connecting batteries together in series builds a higher voltage.

    If you connect the coils in parallel they deliver the same voltage (2V) but more current.

    In both cases the actual voltage depends on the speed of rotation, and the current depends on the connected load.


  3. Burrell Williams says:

    I am trying to connect three. 3-phase stator together in such away where the voltage come from each stator can be combine to on current. For example if each stator can produce 2 volt each I want to connect in away the output voltage is a single 6 voltage current.

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