Intelligent Charge Controller for Turbine or Solar Use

The Karasouli ICC is a new small low cost charge control and datalogging device for small wind and solar applications.  I mention it here because I hope it will be useful to readers – I have no commercial interest.

These are basically 45 amp changeover relays, driven by a circuit that monitors battery voltage and switches the charge source over to a dump load (not supplied) at a programmed voltage.  Models B and C offer datalogging of voltage, and C offers current too.

“Model A – Fit and Forget Fully Configurable. £64.95
Model B – Charge State Datalogging £74.95
Model C – Charge State and Turbine performance datalogging. £104.95
All models come with a USB stick that holds the configuration files for the model.
The configuration file is used to set charge points and turn available features on and off.
All come preconfigured for lead acid batteries and the can be connected and will run straight out of the box.
Models B & C come with datalogging turned off by default. Once turned on the will datalog to the internal USB stick.
We also market Marine models that are configured for 2 dual battery banks. Commonly used to charge a leisure and an engine battery.
These are supplied via our UK distributor on our website.”

charge controller

More information here

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