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The Wind Turbine Recipe Book is a 65 page document that takes you through the process of building your own wind turbine for battery charging.  Six different sizes are described from 1.2 to 4.2  metres in diameter.  Every detail of the construction is tabulated and illustrated, from the wooden blades to the purpose-built permanent magnet alternator.  Only basic workshop tools and skills are required.  These recipes have evolved from thirty years of living off-grid and building small wind turbines.  Over the last ten years I have taught workshop courses worldwide, and these are the notes used in the courses.  Groups have sprung up all over the world using these recipes to teach others the process.  Many people also use the larger turbines for feeding directly into the grid with grid-tied inverters.

The cost is £14.58(GB pounds) or about 18 euros including shipping within europe.  Delivery usually takes under five days.  Or you can buy a pdf version here.

Click the ‘buy now’ button below to order the Recipe Book using Paypal or a credit card. This is the Metric edition using mm units and European wire sizes. (There is an ‘Inches Edition‘ for American readers that uses AWG wire sizes. If that is what you need then use the lower button to order the Inches edition.)

 Windpower Workshop is my paperback book (189 pages) with a new edition published by CAT in 2011. Click on the button below to buy this book using Paypal or a credit card.



Buy the above books direct from me and support what I am doing for small wind enthusiasts around the world. Thanks. Hugh





The Metric edition of the Recipe Book (2010) is available at low cost as a Kindle eBook from (click the image below).

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  1. jorge mario says:

    saludos, estoy interezado en su ultimo libro, lo tienes en español? para que me lo envies a spaña?

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