Alex Burgos’ overvoltage clipper

Alex sent me an email:

I hope you are well
I am writing to show my CLIPPER
I tried it with my 12 volt turbine
I have the Tristar ts-60 dc and ac Clipper
The CLIPPER use it to control excess voltage in the inverter and works quite well
The clipper is to avoid disconnection of the inverter at 15 volts
The inverter disconnects low battery to 10.5V  It also disconnects 15v overvoltage
The CLIPPER is for strong winds or gusts that disconnect me the inverter
But the clipper also use it to see how it would be for example by connecting the midnite 250.
When the wind reaches 80 km / hr with gusts surprise wind turbine and not enough to avoid fast the wind. The Tristar which is scheduled to 14,8V can reach approximately 15v and disconnects the inverter. So the Clipper acts to prevent excess volts
I send images as I did.
Use a shunt regulator Chris Greacen


Here is the pdf of the Homepower article that Alex used to make the control pcb that drives his clipper.

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