UK not working windmills for sale/ new homes

People are contacting me with wind turbines that do not work and wondering if other people are interested in using parts of them or whatever.  I am very happy to try to find homes for them.  Right now I have the following, and if you get in touch I will pass you straight on to the owners so you can hopefully do a deal with them and get something going…

I have a broken 6kW Eoltec wind turbine that is looking for a new home.
The broken bits are the blades and tail.  The good bits are; the 12m galvanised tower, the yaw bearing assembly, the alternator, the inverters and various switches.
I thought it would be of some value to an individual or group who were interested in building a wind energy installation.  Parts could be obtained from Eoltec, perhaps, although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, or the parts could be used as a basis for a home build.  New blades  and tail being constructed etc.
I would accept any reasonable offers
Joff Rorke


I have a complete Proven 35-2 wind turbine that was never installed. Would there be a market for it or its parts? Thank you, Rob Cauble



About hugh

I live off-grid in NW Scotland and have spent my life playing with wind turbines. I also love small hydros. Hands on renewable energy is my thing and I like to learn and to share my experiences.
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10 Responses to UK not working windmills for sale/ new homes

  1. Richard Cawthorpe says:

    Hello Richard
    I have a 10 kw swg it’s a mk 2 the first one with cooling fins maybe yours is the mk 1 , there are quite a lot of problems with these w/t’s , if you would like to mail me I will help if I can

  2. richard says:

    I have 10k swg turbine 2007-2008 era. never used or hooked up.Looking for info to hook up system. etc. Thank’s

  3. admin says:

    Joff writes:
    “Hi Hugh,
    Just to let you know that I have sold the alternator, yaw housing and feathering mechanism to Bryan Inkster, who made contact through you.
    I still have for sale the invertors and tower.
    Thanks for your help”


  4. admin says:

    David Love writes:
    I am looking for parts for a 6kw Eoltec wind turbine can anyone help Bearings etc”

    again I can pass messages if you contact me – Hugh

  5. The newer type of turbine (the big box with electric yaw) has never worked
    This is a new generator that gives no power
    The RPM should be mutch to high before the thing produces
    this kind of turbine with 8 meters diameter blades turn about 180 rpm max
    the generator that is supplied and build in by factory does produce the 10kw only when it turns about 400 rpm
    we tested this on a bench

    any ideas would be welcome

  6. Looking for a 10kw PM generator from a SWG turbine
    There are 2 types of this generator that i know of
    I have one that is for the square nacelle with hydraulic brake and hydraulic yaw
    this one i have is burned round shape generator with integrated cooling fins on the round site (gray generator)
    and looking for the newer type that was build into the SWG square box that is a lot bigger.
    this type has all the electronics (yellow box) insite the nacelle
    this type has the yaw electric and the hydraulic disk brake build with fale safe spring load.
    Has anyone out there these parts (the generators) in stock ,new or used

  7. GEOFF PROVEN says:

    How may we communicate?

  8. GEOFF PROVEN says:

    I would like to renovate this machine please.

  9. Allan Allison says:

    May be interested with the Proven 35-2 for spares

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