2014 English Units Recipe Book available as ebook

My Wind Turbine Recipe Book comes in two editions: Metric and “English Units” (also known as “Inches” or “North American” edition).  I had to publish the English units edition because the 46x30x10mm magnets, and the metric wire sizes that I normally use are not available in the USA.  In America generally you will find that Inches prevail, and also the rather limited range of AWG wire sizes.  The English Units edition is based on 2″ x 1″ x 1/2″ neo magnets.

cover inches 2014The English units edition is not a simple conversion of the sizes into inches and AWG etc.  It is a subtly different set of designs that works with these subtly different magnet and wire sizes.  My advice is not to mix the two books although the result will kind of work if you do.  Choose one system and follow the recipe for that.

Up to now the English Units edition has only been available in hard copy direct from me and from other outlets in America.  Now for the first time I have published it (in fully updated form for 2014) as an ebook (epub and mobi files etc) via Smashwords.  In due course it will appear at all ebook stores, Amazon Kindle, Apple, Kobo, scribd, etc…  For now you can buy it directly from Smashwords, here.

The $9.99 cost is a little higher than the cost of the 2010 kindle metric edition, but for North American readers I would say it is well worth the difference.  Similarly the 2013 metric edition is a better idea than the older 2010 Kindle one, although this 2013 is only available in pdf for now.

Book title Hard copy ebook
Wind Turbine Recipe Metric 2013 2013 pdf

2010 kindle

Wind Turbine Recipe Inches 2012 2014 all
2F construction manual   2014 all
Windpower Workshop 2011  
Scrapyard Windpower Realities (classic)   1992 all


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