Ideas for a 34 pole alternator design by Adriaan

“Dear Hugh and others

During the last weeks I have designed a new water pumping windmill, the VIRYA-3S.

This 34polewindmill makes use of a direct drive 34-pole PM-generator and is primary meant to be coupled to the 3-phase asynchronous motor of a small centrifugal pump. However, the windmill can also be used for battery charging if the generator is provided with a low voltage winding rectified in star. The 34-pole generator is described in my free public report KD 560. A provisional folder of the VIRYA-3S windmill is also made. Both documents can be copied from my page on the website of Bidnetwork: . An overview of four different ways how water can be pumped by a windmill is given in my free public report KD 490. The option with an electrical transmission is described in chapter 5. A prototype of the VIRYA-3S will be built by an Indian company.

Adriaan Kragten”


About hugh

I live off-grid in NW Scotland and have spent my life playing with wind turbines. I also love small hydros. Hands on renewable energy is my thing and I like to learn and to share my experiences.
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3 Responses to Ideas for a 34 pole alternator design by Adriaan

  1. Tapendera kumar says:

    Please help me to design a alternator of 40pole, 50HZ, 10KVA rating alternator.
    You sent me details of this, on my email.
    Thank you.

    • hugh says:

      hi Tapendera,

      I am not experienced in the design of single phase alternators, and this is very large. If it has 40 poles then the rpm will be very low (150rpm) so this will be monstrously heavy and expensive.

      I work with 3-phase alternators (mostly less than 1kW rating) for use with rectifiers to produce Dc for batteries or for GT inverters. Sorry.


  2. admin says:

    adriaan writes:
    Dear friends

    Since yesterday I have my own website: . I have designed this website myself using the nice book ”Een website maken voor uw eigen bedrijf” (May 2014, in Dutch). The website gives information in English about my VIRYA-windmills and public KD-reports. From 1 February 2015, this information is no longer available on my page on the website of Bidnetwork because Bidnetwork is cancelled at that time and replaced by Bidx.

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