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I have been using a logic energy mobile logger for monitoring Scoraig wind turbines.  We have produced some good power curve data for the homebrew machines on Scoraig and it’s also great for live monitoring of installations during the teething period.  It’s great to go online and see what is happening in real time.

Logic Energy have a few pre-production LeNETmobile loggers of the latest type to sell. All working fine, but they need to get rid of them.
These are full advanced systems and the hardware (the LeNETmobile unit) would cost £300 each.  The full cost including one year’s GSM (SIM card) and the portal website contract is £490.  These prices include VAT.Overview

  • These are Energy loggers (for energy meters and analogue sensors).  Sensors are not included.
  • It’s a small production batch that they usually run before full production to test for any early issues.  These are ok so nothing to worry about, the only noticeable thing is that the box as an extra hole for 2nd antenna that never was used.
  • There’re a limited number of these and no plans for more – pretty much one off.
  • These loggers have all 14 channels enabled.
  • specifications

For details or to buy one contact Eduardo at [email protected]

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