Proven Wind Turbines go bust.

Proven Energy have gone bust.  Here is a good source of information:



I was a big supporter of the Proven wind turbine in the 1990s.  It’s built like a tank in contrast to so many flimsy products in the small wind world. But my enthusiasm for the company waned gradually as I witnessed their exaggerated claims and heard from their many unhappy customers (during lengthy development of new products).  In recent years they got a big cash injection and became even more arrogant.  I can’t feel much sympathy for the company management, but I am sorry for the workers, the dealers, and even more so for the customers, who have already suffered far too much.

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I live off-grid in NW Scotland and have spent my life playing with wind turbines. I also love small hydros. Hands on renewable energy is my thing and I like to learn and to share my experiences.
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30 Responses to Proven Wind Turbines go bust.

  1. Ken Needham says:

    I live near Kilkeel, N Ireland. I have a 6KW Proven turbine which is overdue for servicing. I am having difficulty finding anyone who can do it. Any suggestions ??

  2. clive wilkinson says:

    please pass on my e-mail address to toro martinez

  3. toro martinez says:

    hello, anybody knows how can i fin CLIVE WILKINSON , at the FALKLAND ISLANDS?//THAN YOU REGARDS

  4. Cindea Lindley says:

    I need help. 6kw was hit by heavy wind. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you.
    C_lindley. At. hotmail

  5. Stephen Denton says:

    Hello All,
    Located in Tennessee and have a “New” Proven 6kw never installed and still in the crate. Comes with the 7000kw Windy Boy, DC disconnect, Proven’s disconnect/meter box, complete turbine with polypropylene blades. This unit was built in 2009….wanting to sell the works or I keep the Windy Boy & sell just the turbine.

    • David Walters says:

      Hey Stephen, do you still have the Proven 6k available? We may be interested in buying it. Can you reach out to me on our website – Thanks!

    • paul says:

      Hello All,

      I live in Mid ulster area and have a Proven 6kw for sale. It has generated for over 10 years and had a service /springs replaced some 24 months ago.
      It is currently under brake as it needs a new set of brushes and now that I have upgraded to a larger stall machine I am looking to sell Wt /Pole/Controller and Inverter ..Tks Paul [email protected] .

  6. Ian says:

    I am taking down a fully serviced Proven 6kw complete with inverters etc. from a site that is going to be re-developed and the turbine is in the way.
    The turbine is presently in situ in South Yorkshire.
    It may suit someone who wants a complete package or else it will be broken for parts.

    • arthur glenn says:

      hi. my name is arthur glenn from northern ireland. is the wind turbine still for sale as i have a small farm and would be interested.

      • ian fairbairn says:

        Hi Arthur,
        The turbine will be taken down within the next two weeks. It is currently at Retford and has to come down to make way for new development. It was erected in 2010 and serviced last in May 2015. It is the full system including all the inverters. If we sell it as a complete package it will cost £10200, if we don’t sell it that way we will break it for parts. If you want to discuss any details send me a mail: [email protected] and I’ll call you. Ian

  7. Luke says:

    Hi guys i realise this thread may be dead but worth a shot as i live in the highlands, Currently researching the Proven WT2500 which has been lying around the college campus for years but i have no way to check on what parts are there and what is missing.

    Any info at all on this turbine would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin says:

      To get spares you need to ask Kingspan Wind. It’s the same factory under different owners. They modernised the blades a bit a few years back and that has caused some issues, but I doubt if you can buy the old polypropylene sheet wrapped over ones any more. Best idea is probably to talk to Kingspan but be ready to spend a fair bit of dosh if you need much done.

    • justin says:

      I’d be interested to know if you have a proven wt2500 available. If so, please let me know how I could get in touch.

      • Roger Fox says:

        I have a 2.5 proven which I am trying to dispose of. For battery charging, control box available but batteries and inverter have gone to a new home. BUT Transport is the problem for someone who already is interested. I can let you have more details if you ring 01935 862041. or email as below

  8. Dino Wright says:

    We have a wt 2500 proven turbine in Lochgilphead, Argyll. It was taken down so a new workshop could be built. It needs to be reinstalled and connected , does anyone know who might be able to do that?

    • Stephen Davis says:

      Dino I could arrange to have your proven turbine reinstalled if you want to give me a call on 07788390186 to discuss.



  9. I too was a big follower of Proven while at Uni 97-05. I haven’t looked for quite some time and missed the news of them going bust. I actually attempted to apply for jobs there a few times but was put off by news of some sort of by-out. I do love the technology in there kit.

    I have also been a fan of Scoraig for many years and have many of your books Hugh. My pictures on twitter show a little of my blade set I built using your and others maths. Alas it is still not flying due to lack of electronics. @OpenECommunity


  10. Rob Cauble says:

    I have a complete Proven 35-2 wind turbine that was never installed. Would there be a market for it or its parts? Thank you, Rob

    • Clive Chamberlain says:

      I am looking to buy a Proven 35 for the spare parts I will need in the future.
      Is your turbine still for sale?
      Please email me accordingly.

    • Allan Allison says:

      Hi Rob did you ever sell your turbine as I have a damaged turbine and I need to replace the head unit Thanks Allan

  11. SCHNABL ALOIS says:

    I am from Slovenia. looking for spare parts of PROVEN 600W wind turbine.
    Our mountanius organisation have installed 54 small wind turbines from PROVEN ,
    22 of them are broken, stator is failed. We are looking for stators, and plastics parts


    00386 40 634 743
    [email protected]

  12. Jeani says:

    I live in Colorado, USA. I had the Proven 15K installed 12/2009. There has been two request to stop unit. The first time it took 3 months for repair & re-install. Now they ask to stop unit again September 2011. This was a $10K investment that has made $53 since 12/2009. Very frustrating!!!

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