PDF book about electricity supplies in Africa

Energy for Radio – A Guide for Practitioners

Michael Bycroft

“Energy for radio” is a guide to energy management for community radio stations. It supports radio managers and operators as they tackle the energy issue at their station, helping to understand the various sources and technologies of energy, especially gensets, wind and hydro turbines, solar and hybrid systems. The guide also views many other aspects requiring attention before “informed decisions” can be taken, including assessment of the energy needs, storage, protection and regulation.

The worksheets for assessing the energy needs of the stations as well as cost-effectiveness of different energy sources are available for download.

The author: Michael Bycroft is a science journalist based in UK, with a special interest in green energy technologies and climate change.
The publication is sponsored by the Dutch foundation Stem van Afrika.

Web link where you can order paper copies or download the book or the worksheets for free.

Free download

I helped with advice in the preparation of parts of this publication

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