V3 are doing weekend courses at CAT in Wales

It’s great to see Tom Dixon of V3 power is doing a series of courses at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales where I used to teach for twenty odd years.

Public Wind Turbine Workshops

1-2nd December 2018 –  Public – Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales – info here

23-24th March 2019 –  Public – Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales – info here

5-6th October 2019 –  Public – Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales – info here

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Kragten 2-bladed 1.8W windmill with no iron in the coils

Here is another design document available free from Adriann Kragten.  He wrote to me:

Recently I have written report KD 664 which can be copied for free from my website: www.kdwindturbines.nl at the menu KD-reports. The title of this report is: “Calculations executed for the 2-bladed rotor of the VIRYA-1.8W windmill (lambda design = 6.25, wooden blades) used in combination with an 8-pole permanent magnet generator frame size 71 with a stator with no iron in the coils”. This is a rather simple rotor with water proof plywood blades coupled to each other by a thin stainless steel strip to make the rotor elastic. The blades have a constant cord and blade angle. I have used the Gö 711-12% airfoil which has a lower side which is flat for 97.5 % of the cord.

“The rotor is meant to be used with the radial flux PM-generator as described in public report KD 644. As this generator has almost no sticking torque, it can be used in combination with a rotor with a low starting torque coefficient and still have a low starting wind speed. As there are no iron losses, the generator will have a high peak efficiency . The advantage of using a standard motor housing is that the coils and the magnets are well protected against rain and that most components are mass produced and therefore rather cheap.

“This new report KD 664 contains detailed drawings of the rotor and the hub in the appendix. The VIRYA-1.8W makes use of the same head and tower as used for the VIRYA-1.8. Fotos of drawings of these head and tower are given in the manual part 2 of the VIRYA-1.81 which is given at the bottom of the menu KD-reports. To give an impression of the VIRYA-1.8 rotor drawings, I have added drawing 1801-01 as an attachment.

“Yours sincerely

“Adriaan Kragten”

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Nice wind turbine in Croatia

Thanks to Ivan Juretic for these lovely pictures of the wind turbine he built and installed in the mountains of Croatia.  I like the style of the tail stops. They are simple and slick.

The 24V system details:
2.4 m turbine(connected directly to the battery)
8 PV panels rated power 280 W (connected directly to the battery)
2 forklift truck batteries 12V 120 Ah (to be expanded later),
Victron inverter

2 x TS60 diversion load controllers
2 x temperatures sensors for battery
4 x 1.0 ohm 1000W resistors

AC diversion circuits (using tristar follower):
Under floor heating wires 220 V 2x 500 W
and water heater 220V 2000W 110 lit.

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2F wind turbine features on German TV show

Jonathan was on TV with his grid-connected 2F turbine at the Austrian small wind test field in Lichtenegg

You can watch the TV show online here.

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Workshop in Austria

In Vienna, In German language, With Jonathan Schreiber on 12-14th October and 19-21 October
Cost 375€

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Tripalium celebrate ten years of turbine building



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Workshops in Argentina

Here is the latest wind turbine workshop by 500rpm in Argentina.

Evento que se celebrará a la hora, en la fecha y ubicación siguientes:

Sábado, 25 de agosto de 2018 a las 09:00

– hasta –

Domingo, 26 de agosto de 2018 a las 18:00 (ART)

Maestro M. Lopez esquina Cruz Roja, AVEIT, Córdoba capital

Maestro M. Lopez esquina Cruz Roja


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My windmill and my house on drone video

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Powerspout documents free to download

Much of my time these days is spent helping people with microhydro projects.  I love it.  As well as answering emails and phone-calls, I’ve been spending a lot of time helping with the PowerSpout free document library.

Click the links to view the documents.  Then click the download symbol to a the top of the screen to download them.

When planning your system, these ones could help you:

You can estimate your site’s generation potential, and even design the whole system painlessly using the online Advanced Calculator Tool. To get the best out of it please read the Hydro design and calculator manual first.

Lots of guides to off-grid system design:

There are lots more documents in the Index.  I hope you find them useful. If you aren’t sure about anything just drop me an email and I will help.

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More free design documents from Adriaan Kragten

Adriaan writes

Dear Hugh

I am 71 years old now and in December 2017 I have ended the commercial activities for my engineering office Kragten Design. But I am still active and my website: www.kdwindturbines.nl will be maintained as long as possible. In the first half year of 2018 I have written five new free public KD-reports. Four of these reports give rotor calculations. At the menu “News” on my website you find a short description of the content of each report. At the top of the menu “KD-reports” there is the folder: “List free public KD-reports” and the folder “Sequence of KD-reports for self-study” which, I think, will be of great help for someone who wants to design a wind turbine.

Adriaan Kragten

Thanks Adriaan.  This is a wonderful resource for students of wind turbine design.  Here is a chart from KD35 showing the relationship between conversion “efficiency” and drag/lift ratio, over a range of tip speed ratios:

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