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PowerSpout price increase

PowerSpout plan to increase prices of their hydro turbines and associated gear by approximately 15% on 1st April. This will be the first rise in several years. At present exchange rates, a turbine costs approximately £1190 with an additional £150 … Continue reading

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Greg Gibbes hydro turbines using axial flux alternators

Greg sent me some photos of the hydros he is building using axial flux alternators to provide direct single-phase AC for sites in Papua, Indonesia. Here is some information. Greg’s email is These are single phase units, 240VAC, 50Hz. … Continue reading

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New Facebook page

I have started a Scoraig Wind Electric Facebook page that will only be about renewable energy stuff. (My personal Facebook has some pics of wind turbines etc but also plenty of grandchildren and dogs etc so this will be a … Continue reading

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wire size and current

I got an email question today and it seems important enough to answer with a new post.  Here is the question “How many amp of 14,15,17,18 and 20 awg wire for wind turbine. Can you give me any chart? Please!!!!! … Continue reading

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my 1998 blade design notes translated into Russian :-)

I used to teach blade design.  I went to Wales to learn (more) about windpower on a course (in about 1989), but the guys there made me teach the session on blade design.  They just announced that I would do … Continue reading

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5-day-workshop for a 2F HP Turbine in Germany

(ERNI e.V., together with the VHS Braunschweig conduct a 5-day-workshop for a 2F HP Turbine from 14th to 15th May in Braunschweig, Germany. Application is available here: Costs: 70€ for all 5 days Information flier here  

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More from Mac in Wyoming

hello again from Wyoming.. The larger wind generator at 45 mph + winds is doing a whooping 150 to 200 amps.  24 volts battery bank. Maybe would do more, but tail cuts out of wind after 45 or 50 mph winds.  … Continue reading

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Offset angle of the furling tail

I got asked a question that a lot of people ask me, so I thought it worth answering here. “Hi Hugh my name is Bill looking through your book A Wind Turbine Recipe Book I am a little confused with … Continue reading

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3m Wind Turbine Build Course at Schloss Heinrichshorst

A course was run at Schloss Heinrichshorst during August 2013 where a 3m Hugh Piggott wind turbine was built with participants from all over Europe. The course was run by V3 Power, a renewable energy cooperative from Nottingham, UK who … Continue reading

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nice exploded diagram of 1200 Recipe turbine

Here is an illustration that will be used in the new edition of the French version of my Recipe Book.  It’s the smallest Recipe machine (popular in France) which is only 1.2metres in diameter.  This amazing explosion was created by … Continue reading

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