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Windspeed database still being abused!

This is another rant against misleading salesmen in the small wind industry. There is a computer model called NOABL that maps the theoretical windspeed over a UK landscape with no trees or buidings.  Properly informed experts have always known that … Continue reading

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Things that don’t work – Mick Sagrillo on the popular idiocies of modern small wind.

This presentation by Mick Sagrillo is from 2009.  It’s a good summary of what is wrong with rooftop wind and is backed up by actual production data.  If you are enthusiastic about rooftop windpower then you ought to look at … Continue reading

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Another absurd example of urban wind ignorance

I came across this article today: With one turbine up, others may follow There is a lot of comment and discussion underneath the article. What I find striking and alarming is that nobody seems to notice that the tower is … Continue reading

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Answering some questions about rooftop wind

My answers to some questions: (1) We’re looking at some of the design problems of rooftop turbines, and we had an expert installer tell us that in a best-case scenario, a rooftop turbine can generate 18 to 33 percent of … Continue reading

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Siting of small VAWT turbines in the UK

Factors affecting the success of a wind turbine are :reliability, windspeed, swept area, cost and efficiency. I found a Quiet Revoluiton QR5 turbine at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh and I am checking out these criteria. There is a good … Continue reading

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Rooftop nonsense in Paris

Rooftop nonsense is alive and well in France. See this article from Paul Gipe It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry that these guys get public acclaim for wildly oversold nonsense. www.wind-works.orgelena energie

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