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A chance to work with Adriaan Kragten on a pumping application for small wind

Here is an invitation from Adriann Kragten to test his design ideas and develop a pumping wind turbine project.  Please note that Adriaan has never built an axial flux generator, so these instructions are not like my Recipes which are … Continue reading

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6 watt turbine design from Adriaan Kragten

Kragten Design VIRYA-1.04   Diameter                                                                           D = 1.04 m Number of blades                                                             B = 3 Design tip speed ratio                                                      ld = 3.5 Mass                                                                                 including 1 m tower pipe  m = 4.85 kg Starting wind speed                                                          Vstart = 2.6 m/s Survival … Continue reading

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Free Document downloads from Kragten Design

Adriann Kragten has made available a number of his reports on small wind turbines for free download Here at Adriaan writes very thorough reports with plenty of equations and clear drawings.  The reports cover both, electricity producing wind generators … Continue reading

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More free designs at

Adriaan Kragten writes: Dear Hugh Recently I have developed two new small VIRYA wind turbines with axial flux generators, the VIRYA-1.25AF and the VIRYA-1.81. The design reports and the drawings can be copied for free from my website:  A folder … Continue reading

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Possible student research project

Adriaan Kragten has been kind enough to notify me of his latest design work which is documented in his free pdf reports available for download here.  Most of his wind turbines have been based on converting induction motors to pm alternators … Continue reading

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free KD-reports

Adriaan Kragten writes: As I am retired for some years now, I no longer need income from selling my KD-reports about small wind turbines. So I have decided that from now on all my public KD-reports can be copied for … Continue reading

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3 new KD-reports

[note: I have edited my remarks in response to some corrections sent by email] Adriaan has notified me of the following free reports that he has published (see below the diagram).  The axial flux design has a single magnet disk, … Continue reading

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Ideas for a 34 pole alternator design by Adriaan

“Dear Hugh and others During the last weeks I have designed a new water pumping windmill, the VIRYA-3S. This windmill makes use of a direct drive 34-pole PM-generator and is primary meant to be coupled to the 3-phase asynchronous motor … Continue reading

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