Build your own windmill workshop course on Scoraig April 18th 2015

I am planning to hold a course here on Scoraig in April.  We’ll build and test a wind turbine as usual.  Accommodation is provided from Saturday 18th to Saturday 25th April 2015.  These will be the arrival and departure days.  The course will run for six days from 19th to 24th.  Your partner may be able to find accommodation here too without attending the workshop. Please ask for details.

See photos of 2012 course (plus video) , 2013 course and 2014 course.   Cost will be £700 including accommodation.  I may be able to offer a limited number of student discounts if there are enough people paying full price.

Contact me for more details and to book a place.  I do not plan to travel around teaching courses this year as I have mostly done over the last 12 years or so.  This may be your only opportunity to be taught by me personally, although there are several other groups worldwide offering courses based on my Recipe Book or derivatives of it.

Happy crew

Happy crew

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Live data from a powerspout turbine in Abergavenny, United Kingdom

Here is a site where you can see a grid connected powerspout in operation exporting electricity.  Unlike solar PV systems, this renewable source keeps going night and day.  Although it only generates 600-700 watts or so, it keeps up well with the demands of the house as you can see.

More about Powerspout.  More about the actual turbine at Glenburnie.


click on this image to go to the actual site with live data

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1200 dia. project photos from South Africa

Thanks to Felix Thoma for sending me this link to his page with photos of his 1200 diameter project in South Africa.  He is using my 2005 plans (“How to Build a Wind Turbine”) with the hollow shaft which requires a bit more machining than the more recent “recipe”, but machining is no problem for Felix!

more photos here….

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Nice video about windempowerment

I will be making a presentation on Monday morning “live over internet”.

You can watch the conference live using this link but be aware that you will need to install some software (VLC media player) in advance to do this.

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Sample noise assessment for planning consent

I am grateful to Graham Caulton for sharing this noise assessment that he used in order to get planning consent for his home-built wind turbine.  UK planning officials tend to ask for a noise assessment as a condition for granting permission to erect a small wind turbine, but it’s not possible to measure the noise produced by a machine until you have erected it, so there is a “catch 22″ paradox here for home-builders.  Graham has successfully argued using data from similar machines in the document below.  I am posting it in the hopes that it will be useful to others needing to jump this hurdle.

Wind Turbine Noise Assessment

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Another workshop in Athens


More details of this workshop here

More workshops around the world here

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Philippe Caussé apprend à faire une éolienne soi-même


see the article in Ladepeche here

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UK not working windmills for sale/ new homes

People are contacting me with wind turbines that do not work and wondering if other people are interested in using parts of them or whatever.  I am very happy to try to find homes for them.  Right now I have the following, and if you get in touch I will pass you straight on to the owners so you can hopefully do a deal with them and get something going…

I have a broken 6kW Eoltec wind turbine that is looking for a new home.
The broken bits are the blades and tail.  The good bits are; the 12m galvanised tower, the yaw bearing assembly, the alternator, the inverters and various switches.
I thought it would be of some value to an individual or group who were interested in building a wind energy installation.  Parts could be obtained from Eoltec, perhaps, although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, or the parts could be used as a basis for a home build.  New blades  and tail being constructed etc.
I would accept any reasonable offers
Joff Rorke


I have a complete Proven 35-2 wind turbine that was never installed. Would there be a market for it or its parts? Thank you, Rob Cauble



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Windempowerment conference

Crowdfunding campaign ! Check the Indiegogo website through the link below to find out how you can contribute and what you’ll get in return!


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pics of wind turbines sent to me recently

Loren Johnson , about 80 miles NW of Chicago writes:
I bought the 2011 edition of your “Wind Turbine Recipe Book” and have built the 14 ft. model.


Leslie Bryan, Normandy France writes:

Just a quick note and pic of 3 of your 3.7m diameter Turbines finally all running sweet.
Thanks for a good design.

Michel Roba (Belgium) writes:
I  have completed the construction of the turbine(3.6m, 24V).
As you can see the mast is short, but the place is quite windy and there is no obstacle in the main direction of wind.
The blades are made of red cedar coated with glass fiber/epoxy and G8 varnish.
The balance of propeller/rotors has been thoroughly made and finished with the varnish.
It works very smoothly, no vibration at all, very silent, just a slight noise when wind turns.
Looks nice job of yours, and hopefully of mine…

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