More new Powerspout installations


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  1. John ross says:

    What price are the water turbines

    How much water do you need to make it be

    • hugh says:

      hi John,

      Typically in the region of £2,000 for the turbine. Plus, you need pipe and cable and inverter so it adds up to a bit more. I am happy to chat and help you figure out if it is likely to be attractive on your site. I spend a lot of time chatting about possible hydros and I love doing it so it’s never a waste of time for me.

      Basically you need two things: Head and Flow. Head is the vertical drop and I suggest between 10 and 100 metres fall over the length of the pipe. Flow is going to vary naturally but the turbine pulls a constant flow at any given time. If you multiply the head in metres by the flow in litres per second by 5 times this gives you the power production in Watts roughly. So 20 metres head and 10 litres per second flow gives 1kW power. This is way more than you need to run a typical house (but it is nice). If there is less flow then you can adjust the turbine to work with what you have.

      Hugh – 077 1315 7600

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