pdf metric edition of Recipe Book at Scribd

A Wind Turbine Recipe Book (metric edition) by Hugh Piggott

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  1. Girish Ananthan says:

    Hi Hugh,

    Have you written any separate document on design details of the Axial Flux PMA where design details of Coil Details like No of Coil Turns, No of Coils, Winding Wire Size and Magnet Details like dimensions of magnets & Grade of Magnet to be used, No of Magnets required etc for a given output power & voltage at a given rpm

    • hugh says:

      hi Girish,

      In my Recipe Book there are pages about alternator design. Not a separate document. Pages 54-59 at the back desscribe my design approach and you can email me if you need help with this too.


  2. Karana says:

    Hi Hugh

    I was looking a digital copy of your manual and ended up buying the 2F 400 watts manual because I came across a small treasure trove of ferrite magnets. However, now that I see your Recipe book and the option for a smaller (and lighter) 200 watt model. Since I have only built with wood frames to date (on my own – we built the same models you do with Dan in Colorado), it will be my first solo attempt at building something with a metal frame. I am wondering if I could combine the two ideas of a 2F and a 200 watt unit? The magnets that I am finding are rectangular not square – 80 x 50 x 20mm. Any suggestions?

    • hugh says:

      I do not recommend building in wood except for toys. The magnets need some steel to work well. Also, I suggest you use two disks with ferrite magnets and pack them together closely, as I did in the 2F design. With 80 x 50 magnet you can build quite a powerful alternator. It’s not the best shape for a small one though.

      • karana Olivier says:

        Well, wood frames they have been to date and toys they are not. Naturally the rotors are thick metal. But, as I said, I am trying to graduate to metal frames as much as I can find a place to develop this skill. I proved to be an awful welder in Dan’s class, so I was somewhat discouraged to try it again until now. I can try to cut the magnets shorter to match your original design. Or keep looking for the right sizes. Maybe get lucky. When I get everything together, I will pop back in for more advice. Thanks for putting so much time into you publications. Very helpful.

  3. M. Oki Nugraha Lubis says:

    hi admin,
    i am something problem, how to calculate chord length pada blade windmill where i design until 5 section blade. thank’s

  4. David Strickland says:

    Just purchased the “PDF Metric Edition” only to find out I have to be connected to the internet to read the book. Very disappointing I do not have internet access out on my property were my shop is and thought I’d be able to use it as a reference as I made my windmill. The book looks great but your choice of delivery mechanism is TERRIBLE.

    Very Disappointed

    • admin says:

      hi David,
      I was not aware that this was the case and I will send you the file now. I will change the settings at scribd if I can figure it out. I am sorry and hope that previous purchasers will get in touch for a pdf. It’s not always easy to figure out what is going on with ebook retailers. Once again my apologies and thanks for letting me know!

      • David Strickland says:

        Thanks Hugh,
        Got the email and also logged back into scribd and it appears to download just fine now. Thanks again for the excellent work. I actually feel like I might be able to get this accomplished now.

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