Dan Paraipan from Romania

Hello Mr.. Pigott,
Thank you for your information regarding wind turbines.
After reading your book following your details, that is the result:
Here you have some pictures with my turbine (in fact there were three, one more powerful than the previous).
My first blades was 1,60 m diameter, the second turbine 2,40m diameter , both of them manufactred following your drawings.

In Dan’s 3,10 m diameter 24V turbine, the generator consists in 2×12 pcs. 60x30x15 N42 magnets and stator 9 coils 88 turns 2mm cooper wire.  The blades are home-made(polystyrene core, two layers of fibber glass and epoxy resin, vacuumed).

Indeed, the blades are slower than yours, but the start-up wind speed is 1m/s.In the area I live(near Bucharest) I do not have so much wind.  I charge batteries, but I have also mains electricity.This turbine is as a hobby and for my passion for green energy.

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