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Wiring loss in 3 phase wind systems

Here is a piece I did about AC and DC in 1999.  It explains why DC wiring is slightly more efficient than 3-phase AC wiring where the AC is feeding a rectifier (rather than grid AC which is at  higher … Continue reading

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Hornet wind turbine next door

After the storm destroyed the Ampair 100 that was on this mast, a neighbour bought a Hornet from  This is the 8-blade 1250 watt version.  Apparently it has been seen producing 1251 watts into a 24 volt battery “in … Continue reading

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back in action after storm

Perceptive readers will have noticed the little red graph on the right plunge to zero after the big wind we had on 9th January.  This was due to my AWP windmill plunging to the ground with a broken alternator shaft.  … Continue reading

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Great result …and pics

Hello Hugh, Now the festivities are over I want to report back on our Powerspout and Midnight Classic installation.  It’s incredible!  The generator has not been used once this winter.  We are making around 250 watts 24/7 with the small … Continue reading

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Some video of my presentation

Here is footage from the presentation I made for the Windempowerment Conference in Athens last month. Actually this is a backup that was not used at the conference as I was able to make the same presentation live (and said … Continue reading

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Live data from a powerspout turbine in Abergavenny, United Kingdom

Here is a site where you can see a grid connected powerspout in operation exporting electricity.  Unlike solar PV systems, this renewable source keeps going night and day.  Although it only generates 600-700 watts or so, it keeps up well … Continue reading

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Sample noise assessment for planning consent

I am grateful to Graham Caulton for sharing this noise assessment that he used in order to get planning consent for his home-built wind turbine.  UK planning officials tend to ask for a noise assessment as a condition for granting … Continue reading

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Wind turbine builders from Holland

Dear Hugh, About a year ago we have had contact about the inverter choice for the 4200 project. The Ginlong inverter is doing a great job so far. The turbine has produced over 1000kwh after about 4 months on a … Continue reading

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Windtracker test update

An update 2 years on for my post on the Windtracker by Logic energy. I put one of these windtrackers on a windmill tower (the Kestrel tower actually which is the right hand end one in the above photo) … Continue reading

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3.2 or 3.5 meter high voltage direct-drive turbine for use with MidNite Classic 150 controller

Chris Olsen has made a nice series of web pages and a video describing how to build a high voltage (48-150VDC) turbine with diameter around 3.2-3.5 metres.  This works nicely with the Midnite Classic controller to charge batteries. More from … Continue reading

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