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Along with providing free advice based on extensive experience, I also sell Morningstar products and ship them worldwide.   The prices below do not include shipping, nor VAT tax that I have to add for sales within Europe.  Contact me with your enquiry including your delivery address.

TS-45 Morningstar Tristar 3 function 12/24/48V, 45A charge or load controller Tristar Datasheet



TS-60 Morningstar Tristar 3 function 12/24/48V, 60A charge or load controller



TS-BTS Battery temp sensor (& 10m cable)



TS-M-2 Tristar Digital Meter for Tristar (displays voltage and current being dumped)



TS-RM-2 Tristar Remote Digital Meter



RD-1 Relay Driver



 Installing a Tristar controller

Choose a dump load resistor

Charge controllers (relay type and PWM type)

Relay Drivers for load management

19 Responses to Buy a charge controller or Relay Driver

  1. Isaac says:

    Hi I’m wondering if I can use a TriStar controller for both solar panels and a wind turbine at the same time?

  2. Nischal J Thapa says:


    We are students of Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and working to built a windmill.
    We have a Archimedes Windmill ( Rated power 750W and max power 1500W).
    We are looking for a full solution with charge controller, battery pack and inverter to get output voltage of 240v from off grid wind mill.

    We want 2 products of each.

    We would like to know what do you recommend for us with the products you have.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Nischal J Thapa
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. michael says:

    I am in need of two solar chargers but must be mppt and either 45 or 60a;what is the best price you can do for me. I will be taking them outside the UK in a week’s time. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      I can do that for £820 inc VAT and delivery for two pieces TSMPPT 45 but best get me your delivery address quickly. Email me to confirm at [email protected] and use paypal.


  4. Paul Camilli says:

    Hi Hugh, just added a TS45 to my chaos in the generator shed and am needing a temp sensor, can you post me one out. Also can you update your quote number 39520, I am at last going to submit it.

    Cheers, Paul

  5. Bipin says:

    I just recently completed the assembly of my home made wind system. It is composed of 2 rotors, 8 magnets (50 x 50 x 12) each, a stator with 6 coils (16 awg, 100 turns each). The rotor diameter is 1.5 meter. While I am able get 12 volts at a low speed (125 rpm), the system is not able to generate enough a amperes at higher speeds and seems to be stalling beyond 3 amps. Could u please help me figure out what could be going wrong?

    • admin says:

      hi Bipin,

      You don’t tell us the battery voltage nor whether the coils are in series or parallel. But overall I suspect your cut-in is too low and the alternator is way oversized for a 1.5 diameter set of blades, both of which will lead to stalling of the blades. You could try working at a higher voltage or increasing the gap between the magnets, or putting a resistor in the line from the rectifier to the battery all of which will increase the rpm and help avoid stalling.


      • Bipin says:

        Many Thanks fo your response.
        The system is being operated as 12 V currently. There are 2 coils per phase (2 in series, so 200 turns per phase – 16 AWG) making it total 6 coils. Each coil has a resistance of .27 Ohms. So resistance per phase is .54 Ohms. This is a star connected system.

        Tried changing my blades. Now its a 4.5 Ft diameter rotor. This change seems to have provided some help. I could see about 5 Amps at 14.9 Volts

        I believe I am losing some power in heating the coils. Should I rebuild the stator with thicker wire to lower the resistance as much as possible to reduce losses? Will that work for a 6 coil system?

        Pls advise,
        Thanks, Bipin

        • admin says:

          hi Bipin,

          4.5 feet is slightly less than 1.5 metres so I am puzzled but either way the cut in speed at 125 rpm i much too slow for my type of blades.

          Yes, winding the stator with fewer turns of thicker wire would reduce the losses in the stator and increase the cut-in rpm so it would help on both counts.

          Or you could connect the coils in delta or in parallel if the tails are still accessible for rewiring. This would also reduce the losses and increase the rpm.

          • Bipin says:

            I should apologize. Initially the blades were 1.05 (3.4 ft) meters long (not 1.5 meters as I mistyped) and they are now 4.5 ft.

            You gave a feedback that this alternator is way oversized for 1.5 meter blades. Could u pls advise what should be the blade size for this alternator? How do we measure max power or Amps an alternator can produce for a certain size of blades and operating voltage ( 12 or 24 volt system etc)


          • admin says:

            hi Bipin, The first thing to look at is the tip speed ratio that your blades are designed to run at. then you can figure the best rpm for cut-in of the alternator. After that you design the alternator to cut in at your desired battery voltage and that rpm. It’s all described in my recipe book toward the back. As for power output of the alternator this will depends on the speed and voltage. What you can say is the loss for a given output current which depends on the resistance and the square of the current. This affects the efficiency and may also lead to burn out in some cases.

  6. Thomas Brandt says:

    TS-BTS Batterie Temperatursensor (& 10m Kabel)
    £ 23

    26 €

    TS-45 Morningstar Tristar 3-Funktion 12/24/48V, 45A Ladung oder Last-Controller Tristar Datasheet
    £ 116

    132 €

    erbitte für beide Geräte ein Angebote inklusive Mehrwertssteuer und Beförderung und den möglichen Zeitpunkt des Eintreffens der Ware

    • admin says:

      hi thomas,

      Wenn Sie einen Gesamtpreis benötigen Sie müssen mir sagen, Ihre Adresse und kann ich herausfinden, die Versandkosten für Sie dann. If you need a total price you need to tell me your address and I can find out the delivery cost for you then.


  7. Shayne Wright says:

    Will the TS-45 function with a bank of ultra-capacitors, configured as a 12 or 24 bank, rather than a traditional lead-acid battery bank?

    • admin says:

      Yes that is possible although it would void the warranty on the Tristar. it’s actually a good idea if you only want heat. I am not sure of the exact best vallue of capacitance since I ahve not actually done this although I have done it using Solar Converters LDR circuits, which I also sell for slightly lower cost.

  8. admin says:

    Thanks – you can contact me directly with sales enquiries at
    [email protected]

    • anthony beirne says:

      hello hugh i am building the your 4.2 turbine can you tell me or supply me with the electrics i need to power an immersion heater directly thank you anthony

  9. Jacob Hut says:

    Dear mr. Piggott ,

    We – An institute for higher technical education in the Netherlands – would like to order :
    1 * TS45 Charge load controller
    1 * Ts BTS Battery temperature sensor

    Please send us a Proforma Invoice. ([email protected])

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