Interesting tower for 2.4m machine at Tempelhof Berlin

Thanks to Windrad THF for these pics of a nice 2.4m diameter recipe book turbine at Tempelhof.  Here is a link to the video of the erection process.


This video is a fast forward and plays 8 times as fast than the original!

The tower was developed 3-4 years ago at the University of Applied
Sciences in Berlin. In fact, the vimeo stuff shows the original uni

The wind turbine tower was being installed at the Technical University of Berlin (HTW). In the end, the height of the turbine is 10 meters. When the “moving leg” falls into position in the end, there are some white pieces falling off, which is just snow…

The tower is made of wood and steel pieces and follows very simple structural principles. Its design has been developed by students of the Civil Engineering department in cooperation with the department of Renewable Energy Systems. The “structural inspection-report” has already been successfully passed, which was the very condition in order to get the building permit.

More info:
English version here

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