3-phase stator visualisation

Thanks to Jesse Salisbury for this nice graphic visualisation of the relative movement of magnets and coils in an axial flux 3-phase design using 12 magnets on each rotor and 9 coils between them.  This is the basic layout for my recipe turbines although some use more or less magnets.  The ratio of 4 magnets to 3 coils produces a neat 3-phase result that I have used since the 1990s.

Watch the way the magnets pass all of the red coils at the same time and also watch the red voltage indicator below to see it reach zero each time a magnet is centred on a coil and reach a maximum as magnets cross the legs of the coils.

The next diagram (by Jimmy of Eirbyte) shows how to connect the coils in 3-phase star or wye:

at the top left the starts of 3 coils are connected to form the star point or neutral.  After that the coils in each phase are connected in series until you reach the output wires on the top right.  These will be connected to the rectifier, and from there the DC wiring goes to the battery or grid-tied inverter.

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