BWEA / EST agree to share field trial data

From: BWEA Alex Murley [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 09 December 2009 17:45
Subject: BWEA / EST agree to share field trial data

Good afternoon,

BWEA has entered into agreement with EST to advise on the release of EST small wind field trial data.

Any parties interested to access the windspeed data will be requested to provide a related paper to the BWEA small systems technical sub group for considerations. If the group considers the application to fulfil the following criteria, BWEA can agree with EST to release the data:

(1) The purpose of the project will benefit the wider small wind industry;
(2) The applicant demonstrates a track record in line with the proposed project brief;
(3) The applicant is competent to meet contractual requirements governing the release of the data;
(4) Project findings are published in the public domain post project conclusion.

EST windspeed data include covers over 50 sites with 5 minutes averages, and 2 sites (one suburban, one rural) with 1 second averages.

Do let me know if you have any questions, or comment.

BWEA has released EST windspeed data to support the revision of IEC61400-2 – See attached industry statement. News link
BWEA is still in negotiation with EST to provide industrial access to field trial monitoring equipment – I will let you know more when an agreement is reached.

Best regards,

Alex Murley
Head of Small-Systems | BWEA

27/28 April 2010 | Glasgow, UK | International Small Wind Conference

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