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Test report for Recipe 3.6 metre turbine

Rapport SEPEN 32.6 – Eolienne autoconstruite Piggot – 1.7 kW – Reseau Above is a link to the full test report in French of a Recipe style 3.6 metre diameter grid connected wind turbine, built by Tripalium. I can understand … Continue reading

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A chance to work with Adriaan Kragten on a pumping application for small wind

Here is an invitation from Adriann Kragten to test his design ideas and develop a pumping wind turbine project.  Please note that Adriaan has never built an axial flux generator, so these instructions are not like my Recipes which are … Continue reading

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6 watt turbine design from Adriaan Kragten

Kragten Design VIRYA-1.04   Diameter                                                                           D = 1.04 m Number of blades                                                             B = 3 Design tip speed ratio                                                      ld = 3.5 Mass                                                                                 including 1 m tower pipe  m = 4.85 kg Starting wind speed                                                          Vstart = 2.6 m/s Survival … Continue reading

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Recipe Book pdf available now

A Wind Turbine Recipe Book (2013 metric pdf edition)

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How to build a Micro Wind Turbine

Clément Joulain has written a manual for building a one metre diameter turbine for 12-V charging using some of my basic ideas but adding some new ones. Available from Amazon in Kindle format “How to build a micro wind turbine” … Continue reading

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Free Document downloads from Kragten Design

Adriann Kragten has made available a number of his reports on small wind turbines for free download Here at Adriaan writes very thorough reports with plenty of equations and clear drawings.  The reports cover both, electricity producing wind generators … Continue reading

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Planet Mechanics ‘invent’ a wind turbine

National Geographics channel program “water wars” in the Planet Mechanics series shows inventor Jem Stansfield coming up with a wind turbine design that looks rather coincidentally close to my own. The diagrams are lifted straight out of my alternator plans … Continue reading

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Update to the copper cable size and length recommendations in my Recipe Books

Although it has been almost five years since my Wind Turbine Recipe Book first went on sale, I am still actively updating it and improving the advice I give to make it simpler, more reliable and more efficient. This summer … Continue reading

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Completísimo manual para el autoconstructor de equipos de energía eólica

Thanks to John Furze in Denmark I found this lovely manual for building small wind turbines  “Energia Eolica” – Juan Ignacio and Sebastian Urquia Lus, published in 1982. You can download it here Unfortunately I don’t know Spanish so I … Continue reading

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Step by step guide to welding a 2400 mm diameter Recipe turbine

About 6 months ago I prepared a 12 page document with some step by step drawings and  instructions for welding together the steel frame for just one of the wind turbines in my Recipe book. You can download it by … Continue reading

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