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Powerspout documents free to download

Much of my time these days is spent helping people with microhydro projects.  I love it.  As well as answering emails and phone-calls, I’ve been spending a lot of time helping with the PowerSpout free document library. Click the links … Continue reading

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More free design documents from Adriaan Kragten

Adriaan writes Dear Hugh I am 71 years old now and in December 2017 I have ended the commercial activities for my engineering office Kragten Design. But I am still active and my website: will be maintained as long … Continue reading

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Windempowerment maintenance manual for Recipe Book turbines

WindEmpowerment  have published a Maintenance Manual for my wind turbine designs, in free PDF download format. (Donations are also welcome.) Particular thanks to Gael Cesa of Tripalium in France for all his hard work on this.

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Please make sure you give us your correct address

It’s a bit heartbreaking to think of this book going around to the other side of the world and back at great expense just because whoever ordered it failed to check that the address they gave us was complete.  It’s … Continue reading

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free KD-reports

Adriaan Kragten writes: As I am retired for some years now, I no longer need income from selling my KD-reports about small wind turbines. So I have decided that from now on all my public KD-reports can be copied for … Continue reading

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3 new KD-reports

[note: I have edited my remarks in response to some corrections sent by email] Adriaan has notified me of the following free reports that he has published (see below the diagram).  The axial flux design has a single magnet disk, … Continue reading

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New edition of metric Recipe Book as Scribd PDF file

This will probably be the final edition of my Recipe Book, first published in 2009.  Minor changes since last year’s edition and significantly better than the first ebook 2010 edition. This was removed by scribd for a few days because … Continue reading

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Ferrite magnet wind turbine plans books printed out

2F Wind Turbine Construction Manual My new plans for making a 2 metre diameter wind turbine using the more durable ferrite magnets are now available in hard copy form by post from me. It’s the same as the ebook version … Continue reading

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Hungarian translation of the Recipe Book

The Hungarian Translation is now available on Scribd as a pdf file. For other translations and ebooks see this link.

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2014 English Units Recipe Book available as ebook

My Wind Turbine Recipe Book comes in two editions: Metric and “English Units” (also known as “Inches” or “North American” edition).  I had to publish the English units edition because the 46x30x10mm magnets, and the metric wire sizes that I … Continue reading

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