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Jimmy winds a coil for a grid tied machine

Thanks to Jimmy of Eirbyte for this nice video Wind turbine coil winding with counter from Eirbyte on Vimeo.

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WindEmpowerment Maintenance survey

Have you answered the survey yet? Dear Small Wind Turbine User, The main problem of small wind turbines is their maintenance needs. They require a lot of care and it’s much more fun to build the wind turbine than to … Continue reading

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Interesting tower for 2.4m machine at Tempelhof Berlin

Thanks to Windrad THF for these pics of a nice 2.4m diameter recipe book turbine at Tempelhof.  Here is a link to the video of the erection process. This video is a fast forward and plays 8 times as fast … Continue reading

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Please make sure you give us your correct address

It’s a bit heartbreaking to think of this book going around to the other side of the world and back at great expense just because whoever ordered it failed to check that the address they gave us was complete.  It’s … Continue reading

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Wind turbine news from Belgium

Hello Mr piggott, I’m Fabian, 36 years old, from Belgium. First i want to congrulate you for the invention of this fabulous generator. I’m a member from “atoutvent2000“, the most active group in belgium for self made wind turbine. I … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Design and Construction Workshop – October 31 – November 5, 2016 – at the Handy Village Institute, Graham, North Carolina ALSO: Wind Turbine Towers Workshop – November 7 – 12, 2016 – at the Handy Village Institute, Graham, … Continue reading

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Tales of Woe

Over the years I lot of people have phoned me with tales of woe about small wind turbines.  I am sympathetic of course, because I know how it feels first hand but I have become hardened over the years.  I … Continue reading

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How to make an AC heater act as a charge controller

I have just added a page about how to build a Tristar Follower (as I call it) that uses an AC heater connected to your inverter to dump surplus power (usually into heating water) when the battery does not need … Continue reading

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21-30th October: “Build a small wind turbine” construction course in Nea Makri, Greece

Kostas is holding another course near Athens in October.  The course will be held in English and it follows the usual pattern – predominantly practical work learning new skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the concepts.  More here

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Workshop story from TU Delft

Here’s a nice concise description of a course run by Tripalium in France using my design. Students from TU Delft Energy Club went to France for a practical workshop. They came back with a working wind turbine that they now want … Continue reading

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