Next year in Washington state

I’ll be teaching a “Homebuilt Wind Turbines” workshop course for Solar energy International on Guemes Island WA next October 15-20th 2012.

This will be the sixth event of this name.  You can find some photo diaries and videos of previous workshops here.

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3 Responses to Next year in Washington state

  1. Roger Brown says:

    very impressive teamwork

  2. Dari says:

    i would love to learn how to do this. I’m from Ghana and i figured you were here a while ago. Do you have online course available? i would love that since i’m far away.

    • admin says:

      hi Dari,

      I don’t offer online courses but I do provide my Recipe Book that you can buy and I support this by answering email enquiries. So if there is anything you do not understand you can always ask me and I will answer you.

      all the best,


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