Newsletter from Tripalium in France

Tripalium newsflash:

goodbye 2013, hello 2014

Tripalium held 17 training courses in 2013. One of the highlights of the year was Hugh’s
visit in May followed by the annual meet-up of the thirty odd people who make up
Tripalium. A maintenance guide has been completed and progress is ongoing on a new
version of the manual modified to be more adapted to the French audience.
2013 also went out with a storm, Hurricane Dirk managed to bend one tower, throw-off
one tail, and overload a grid-tied regulator. The bent tower was attributed to the upper
guy wires not being tight enough; the tail was most likely caused by a light disequilibration
of the blades; as for the regulator, we are asking SMA to replace it under
warranty. Not a great way to start 2014.
For 2014, the new manual is nearing the finish, even if correcting the last details will
probably take several months. The wireframe for a new website has been done, so a
new website should be online before the summer. Also this spring, using the new
maintenance guide as a model, we are planning to do our first e-learning video. If this
works well, perhaps we will try to capture some of the steps of building a turbine on
video with clear explanations to each step. And not to forget there are already six
training course dates fixed for 2014.

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  1. faisal zahid says:

    when is your next course in usa

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