Measured performance versus Recipe Book predictions


2F 12 V

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  1. Aquiles says:

    Hi, What airfoil have you used for this model and for the 3F and 4F?

    • hugh says:

      Hi Aquiles, It is not a formal airfoil as such. Being hand made every blades is unique but following some basic ruls you can get efficiency approaching that of a moulded blade with a precise airfoil. The tests were done on real machines and the performance varies for a multitude of reasons.

  2. Jurijs says:

    What is the maximum operating wind speed? At what wind speed does the wind turbine turn 90 deg to wind?

    • hugh says:

      The furling system is not designed to impose a maximum operating windspeed. The turbine continues to operate. The furling system is designed to limit the average power output to a safe level. Often the actual output at any instant is quite variable. There are some delays inherent in the operation of the tail system and so it cannot provide perfectly constant power output. If the wind is turbulent and gusty then the output may surge quite high and the tail will move a lot. But there is no maximum windspeed. In most cases the turbine will continue to produce power in all winds.
      I hope this helps.

  3. Arthur Sheridan says:

    Do you have any results for the 4f machine. I would like to build a 3f machine using brake rotors from an audi A8 with the 50 by 50 ferrite magnets. It should work out very cost effective and if anything like the results for the 2f very efficient. Hope to hear from you soon, Kind Regards.
    Arthur Sheridan.

    • admin says:

      I have built a 4F here and plan to get it working soon now but I don’t suppose I will do performance testing on it. A couple of other people have built them I think. At least I have spent a lot of time answering their questions. On the face of it the perfomance should be similar to the 4.2N or 4200 but slightly lower output due to 10% smaller swept area. Alternator is similar performance to the neo one.

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