Hornet wind turbine next door


tail hinge detail

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  1. Mark Bragg says:

    How have you got on with the hornet? Is the “Affordability” worth it and how may blades did you get. Also, I have a low wind speed site, is more blades better for earlier start up?

    • admin says:

      hi Mark,

      the hornet belongs to a neighbour. It is still working. I think this is due to the furling tail since it would have been destroyed by the gales without that. It has 8 blades. Having more blades gives more torque for an early start but usually means less speed once it is turning so I am not sure how big an advantage it would be. The logic of having so many very short blades is hard to understand when you can get a lot more torque and power using just 3 longer blades.

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